A Short Guide to Common Watch Repairs

A Short Guide to Common Watch Repairs

Quartz Watches

A lot of people who are in the market for women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia end up
getting quartz movements. Quartz watches are the most affordable ones in the market. These are
simple creations that you can wear on an every day basis.

Just in case they stop working, most probably, it is because of its battery. You just need to have it
replaced. A quartz timepiece is also cheap and easy to fix. What if its pushers or buttons
suddenly stop working? This is typically a tear and wear problem. Dirt and dust can accumulate
around the watch’s tiny spring. The small spring allows the pushers to accomplish their jobs. In
this case, the watch may require a full service. Some parts like the springs may need
replacement. Take the timepiece into a reputable service center. Inquire about their
recommendations. .

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches have more individual parts. Thus, more things can instantly go wrong. Now,
how to know of something goes wrong? You are most likely to notice that its timekeeping
feature has slowed down, or is getting a lot faster. The most common reason for this is lack of
regular watch servicing.

Treat your timepiece like a car. Do you know that a mechanical watch has more than 180 parts
that require lubrication? Failing to bring your watch every 4 to 5 years for servicing can cause
lack of oil.

A Full Watch Service

A full watch service ensures that your timepiece is performing well, as intended by the watch
maker when it was originally sold. If you say yes to a full watch service, ask whether its
movement would be 100% cleaned and dismantled.

If the parts of your watch are already worn, they need to replaced, or re-lubricated and re-
assembled. Check if the pushers or crown have been replaced, or if they were labeled as worn on
the service document.

Part Repair or Job

This can include the replacement of a damaged bracelet, scratched glass, or de-magnetize a
timepiece. A mechanical timepiece can become magnetized when exposed to every day
elements. Take them away from magnets, since these can cause the timepiece to act erratically.

Do you own a vintage watch? If yes, make sure to have it serviced on a regular basis. Antique
and vintage timepieces are less resistant to all the elements compared to their modern counterparts.

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