Internet-A Source of Development

Internet-A Source of Development

With the development of the internet, the education system, economy, health facilities, and business has also improved a lot. It will not be an overstatement to say that the internet has now become a major driver of social and economic evolution. The internet has changed our presence. It revolutionized communication to the point that it is now our favorite daily communication tool. In today’s time, we can say that the internet is used for almost everything. Order pizza, buy a TV, share a moment with a friend, send a photo via instant messaging. If you want to follow the news before the internet, you should go to the newsstand when it opens in the morning and buy a local print which will inform us about all the things that happened the previous day. But now, it only takes a click or two to read about national or international news. One reads news minute by minute with the help of the internet. 

  • The internet has influenced all levels of education by improving the learning experience of the students. There is no doubt that online education is our future. Fresh and advanced teaching and learning methods can be developed using the Internet that stimulates students’ imaginations anytime, anywhere, and with any device. Economic growth can be accelerated by connecting and empowering students and teachers. This can also improve the well-being of societies from different parts of the world. By working together, a global learning society can be developed.
  • Another major issue related to internet usage is privacy. Internet users are becoming increasingly sensitive to the idea that data protection is a must in our lives. In parallel with the growing awareness of the impact of using social media, privacy is almost on the agenda. Often people used social media with no real idea of ​​the dangers and were determined only by trial and error: pure accident, confusion, and error. Recently, the misuse of social media seems to be making headlines every day. Inappropriate comments and images have been posted on the profiles of celebrities, companies showing insolence towards users, and even criminal activity involving the exchange of private information or the use of social media.
  • As with education, the development of communication technologies, information technologies, and the far-reaching effects of globalization are changing who we are and how important cultural identity is. Our world is complex and the cultural flow that transcends borders is constantly increasing. The concepts of space, time, and distance lose their traditional meanings. Again there are great opportunities in the field of culture thanks to online tools. Opportunities abound to spread a tip, knowledge, or work of art. Against the apocalyptic hunters who warn that the Internet is damaging culture. The Internet brings culture closer to more people and makes access easier and faster. It also encourages the emergence of new forms of expression for the arts and the dissemination of knowledge. 
  • The internet has also affected the way we communicate with our family and life partners. Connecting with loved ones just got easier, more accessible, and faster. We can be part of our relationships with our cell phones, laptops, and tablets. The advantages of immediate availability always online are fundamental.
  • Several studies around the years have shown that young people who express their social and political views on social media platforms are more likely to become the next officers in public affairs. The more informed a citizen is, the more likely he understands the politics, the more he is to enter a voting booth, and the better he can express his political freedom. The internet has proved a very important communication tool in recent election campaigns. Thanks to the Internet, the social, welfare, ideological and political sectors talking about root causes and gaining the support of other citizens who share these values, in many cases have real consequences for government decisions.
  • New technologies increase the speed of information transfer, which opens up the possibility of “personal” purchases. The internet offers an enormous wealth of opportunities to purchase content, news, and entertainment products. All kinds of benefits come from e-commerce, which has become an important distribution channel for goods and services. You can book a plane ticket, buy a shirt from Malaysia, or buy groceries at an online convenience store. Advanced applications support secure business transactions and even create several new business opportunities.

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To conclude, we now understand how important the internet has become for the world and how many benefits it has. Therefore, every Malaysia should have a stable internet connection at his home, school, college, office, etc. Apply Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia to get the best internet experience at a very affordable price.

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