How Gamblers Cheat

How Gamblers Cheat

Do gamblers actually cheat? How do you get to be a professional gambler? You cheat. Well some of the time, there will be the act of cheating in a game. This is due to the nature of gambling that keeps you aiming for that jackpot. There are several tricks that are known or invented that leaves people trying to give the cheat sheet a shot. However most would get caught so for one to not get caught, the skills must be on a high level.  


Let us start with the very first cheat that some gamblers do. Cheat codes. Yes, they exist. Such as codes that programmers or engineers create to include in the system of their new game or inventions. Comes with it is cheat codes that some take advantage of or they make them themselves if they are genius. Most cheat games would be created by engineers that created the game itself. Some would use it for their own self gain, or they could also sell it to others. It actually happened to Ronald Dale Harris which used the cheat codes for his advantage that was later caught. 


Next cheat is the use of magnets. For this cheat, it is not possible in modern days because as you could see that most new machines are all virtually set by programmers. But just for reference, it was a popular cheat to do. This cheat would most likely work on old slot machines which most are made from metal. These machines are most likely spun manually which is why the use of magnets actually works. How do they do it? Well, it is practically easy, they would just spin it as usual and when they see the combination that they want  they would use the strong magnet to stop the spins and land at the combination that they want. 


Other than that, the next cheat is the yo-yo trick. The yo-yo trick involves the use of a coin with a string wrap around it. This mostly works on slot machines, as you would actually insert coins in order to play. Right after you put in the coin, you would be able to start the spin and as soon as the game is spun, the coin would be pulled back out. So that is where the yo-yo trick comes in use. After that, the coin can be used plenty of times for multiple spins until you get the jackpot that you want. Smart gamblers would do it moderately as to not get attention from others. 

That would be all for some cheats that gamblers used in order to secure a win. Some would prevail and bring back a lot of cash but after some time their tricks would be caught on and that would lead them to be kicked out from the casino place. If you think that you are smart and brave enough to dupe the casino place and all its players then by all means try some of the cheats. It would most likely work on slot machine malaysia as long as you are careful enough and pay attention to your surroundings.  It would be an epic fail if you won your share but got caught in the middle of it.

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