Important Features of Shared Web Hosting

Important Features of Shared Web Hosting

You might have already heard about shared web hosting. These are typically offered by top web hosting companies out there and this is also the preferred option for people who just wants to have their website up and running online without having to pay a lot of money.

But, with so many different features being offered in shared web hosting plans, one may not be able to discern which one would be the right plan for them.When choosing a web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on siteground reviews Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

Traffic and Disk Space

These two are arguably the most important features that you need to look at when you are searching for the right hosting solution.

That being said, I am going to first tackle bandwidth. There are many different hosting plans out there that provide you with bandwidth thresholds and they are typically the cheapest offerings. However, there are also those that would promise to give you unlimited bandwidth as well.

If you are still putting up your website for the first time and you do not have a considerable number of people visiting it, then you are better off with those restrictions so that you will pay less. Over time, you can upgrade your existing plan to get a much bigger bandwidth allocation as your website gains more traction and internet traffic.

Disk Space is another important consideration. Depending on the size and the number of files that you are uploading to your website, you may need a lot. Again, this all depends on how frequent you are at uploading many different files.

If you want your website to be a file repository, then you may want to get the biggest disk space allocation that you can get. Keep in mind that if you get this option, you will have to pay a lot of money in the process.


Server uptime is a measure of how long the server was online and, therefore, your website is up. You want your website to be accessible at all times but you also have to account that servers may go down as well.

Still, you want to sign up to a company that provides you with at least 95% server reliability and uptime to ensure that your audience will be able to access your website most of the time.

Now, do not be fooled by the statistics that the hosting companies usually place on their websites as they may only reflect the best case scenarios.
Instead, you may want to look for valuable information in webmaster forums as they can give you some accurate information based on third-party data.


Lastly, you want to be with a hosting company that is known to provide amazing customer support. What if you need to ask something about their service, will they be accessible if the time comes? For sure, you want that in a hosting company.

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