Naturally Healthy Foods that Can Help You last Longer in Bed

Naturally Healthy Foods that Can Help You last Longer in Bed

The average time for sex, at least according to a study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, is anywhere between 7-10 minutes. That being said, most men cannot even achieve that time simply because they are marred with a lot of different sexual conditions, presumably erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is, in fact, a very common disorder that affects a sizable portion of the male populace. In fact, there are two types of this condition: One that can affect a man once they reach puberty and another is due to lifestyle factors and conditions.

There are penis supplements that can be bought from the market to help keep the harmful effects of the said condition at bay, but there are natural foods that can help you last longer in bed as well.

Today, I am going to be talking about these foods and I hope that you will start incorporating them into your diet to start receiving their benefits.

Nuts and Seeds

Men who are already having nuts and seeds as their afternoon snack would want to continue the habit as these foods contain a lot of nutrients that can help improve their sexual health and endurance. Nuts, in particular, contain a lot of amino acids and they also contain relatively high amounts of protein as well. They also have zinc and L-arginine which are two essential things that can improve blood circulation all over the body. There is a reason why swimmers love eating nuts and seeds and that is due to the fact that it can help give them long-lasting energy.


High testosterone levels in men typically equate to booming sex life. That is because a man’s main sex hormone can lead to increased libido, according to some studies. Anyway, you may want to up your intake of aphrodisiacs which are foods that are known to help improve testosterone levels in the body. Oysters happen to be one of the most popular aphrodisiacs out there and that is thanks to its rich zinc and amino acid content.


Although it is generally not a good idea to consume garlic before a date, you may want to add this to your foods since it contains anticoagulant properties that ensure adequate blood flow throughout your body.

Chili Peppers

You can probably already tell the theme of this article in that the foods that are listed here all help improve optimal blood flow in the body. That is because of the nature of an erection.

For a man’s penis to stand up and stay erect, it has to receive adequate amounts of blood and that can only happen if there is nothing that hinders blood from entering a man’s penis.

That being said, chili peppers contain an active compound known as Capsaicin which is not only known for improving metabolism, but it is also beneficial for men as it helps dilate blood vessels, ensuring adequate and sufficient flow of blood to the penis.

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