The Most Unusual Jobs Around the World

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The Most Unusual Jobs Around the World

In elementary school, every student is asked the same thing: “What would you choose to be once you reach adulthood?” While American youngsters are quick to respond with a policeman or doctor, some of the responses from other nations may surprise you. Imagine hearing wanting to work as someone who does best forex brokers review in Vietnam or a web designer. Indeed, several professions do not exist in the United States and, in some circumstances, are unique to a single country. Check out this list of the most unusual careers from around the globe, which might just inspire you to pack your suitcases.


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  • Rental Boyfriend

If you have the means, getting a partner in Tokyo, Japan is as simple as it gets. I’m not sure what the guy will do, but somehow it sounds like a lot of fun. When the Japanese develop the idea of ‘Rental Girlfriends,’ we are pretty sure that people around the world will start moving to Japan.


  • Flavourist

Flavorists are chemists who create flavours, both organic and synthetic. Flavourists typically have a PhD in chemistry or biochemistry, yet many also complete apprenticeships with flavour corporations, referred to as “flavour houses,” in addition to official education and accreditation. This unusual job can be rewarding; some flavourists are paid six figures. 


  • Professional Sleeper

As a premium bed tester, you’ll spend the day napping in various room conditions, then writing reports or making suggestions for changes. Another option is to take part in studies in which you will be “forced” to sleep for a specific number of hours or days! The physicians would then keep an eye on your overall health to see whether anything had changed. Aside from the obvious advantage of sleeping your weeks away, you’re also contributing to the improvement of products and, in certain circumstances, scientific advancement!


  • Odour Judge

‘Odor judges’ are paid to sniff participants’ breath, legs, and armpits in an attempt to evaluate the functionality of new goods. They examine their scent every month to ensure that their judgement is correct. For the sake of the judges, let’s pray those products work!


  • Netflix Tagger

To be a true couch potato and watch multiple episodes of a TV show or a movie at the same time. After that, you’ll have to categorise them by topics, assign characters to attributes, and highlight any shows that are likely to cause controversy. This aids in the improvement of Netflix’s algorithm for making suggestions for users.


  • Olive Oil Regulator

Olive oil is taken extremely seriously in Europe. So carefully that preserving the criteria of smell and taste for various grades of olive oil is a job in Italy, Spain, Greece, as well as other high-producing nations. Suppliers must also submit relevant documentation and labels must meet all International Olive Council regulations, according to these regulators.

  • Wedding Guest

In Japan, this is indeed a part-time profession where workers also serve as wedding guests. Do you have any doubts? Here’s an advertisement. You’ll know if you ask a Japanese acquaintance to translate. They get free lunch in addition to the money.


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