Things You Need to Understand About Gambling Addiction

Things You Need to Understand About Gambling Addiction

Gambling, whether in land-based or online casino, is a process addiction which can be as difficult as a substance addiction to break down. As a result, the sufferer can lose everything, and not just material things. Gambling addiction has the power to strip the victim of everything they hold worthwhile; this could include their work, savings, house, and relationships. More than that, it can steal their self-esteem, their dignity, their stress-related health and can have a serious impact on their mental health.

Process addictions are just as severe as addictions to drugs as individuals will go to any lengths to get their next fix.

The behavior is compulsive and their addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts will set in as they feel more and more trapped. That can lead an individual to take their own lives sadly as they lose perspective on the world around them.

Gambling Addiction is a condition that stems from an impulse disorder and emotional obsession.

The sufferer loses control over their gambling decisions and the consequences can be catastrophic. Despite proper treatment, the problem is likely to only slowly get worse. If you’re concerned you or a loved one may suffer from a gambling addiction, we’re sure we can help.

Rehabilitations offers a program based on abstinence, which works by addressing the root causes of the addiction. We must provide those suffering from a gambling addiction a complete and intensive recovery programme. Our program provides innovative techniques, addressing the disease’s mental, social, and spiritual aspects. They use a variety of positive treatments in the treatment of gambling addiction, including cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step therapy, counseling, and therapeutic therapies.

Here are some common symptoms and signs to look out for:

  • Getting obsessed with gambling and making the next bet.
  • Continue to play even if you don’t have the funds to do so.
  • Increasing debt.
  • Unable to regulate gambling, betting more than expected at first.
  • Hiding other bank statements and assets.
  • Disappear for prolonged periods.
  • Other obligations such as families, jobs and relationships are ignored.
  • Borrow or steal money to finance your habit.
  • Hobbies and social activities lack of interest.
  • Money lost leads to feelings of guilt and shame.
  • Defense mechanisms when challenged about gambling or money.
  • Reduced self-esteem.
  • depression and anxiety.
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