This Is How People Make Money out of Thin Air Thanks to the Internet

This Is How People Make Money out of Thin Air Thanks to the Internet

Promoting Your Idea

The key to success in profiting online is promoting your idea. It isn’t that difficult on the off chance that you sell weird things or services, as in this case, your idea may be deemed as cool and creative.

Simply start selling unexpected items or services, and you may draw in the press and win free attention. The more unique and surprising your selling suggestion is, the easier it gets your business in the spotlight. Also, this is exactly what helps you sell ice to Eskimos.

When Alex Tew was a student in 2005, he desperately needed make money online to pay for his education. After a late evening conceptualizing, he decided to sell one million pixels of advertising space on his website for $1 per pixel.

After friends and family had purchased the initial 1000 pixels, Alex sent press releases to nearby media. It helped spread the word, and the person earned one million dollars in only five months because of his idea, a website, and a huge audience in 35 countries he had managed to reach out to.

A Popular Concept with a Twist

By including a creative or wacky bend to the business, one can take advantage of any niche regardless of how fierce the competition is. The Internet provides you with an unlimited number of prospects, so you are sure to have sales as long as you make your selling suggestion attention-commendable.

There are some great examples of successful businesses with the wind I might want to mention.

Postcards from Timbuktu

A few former traveler guides from Mali organized a private venture that sends out postcards from the city of Timbuktu to anywhere on the planet. The name of the city is well known in the English-speaking world due to maxims and expressions where this name is used to refer to any extremely removed or amazing place.

Numerous people who use these expressions don’t even realize Timbuktu is a real place. That is the reason customers enjoy sending and receiving cards from such a well-known place, that many consider fanciful.

This peculiarity helped the business get noticed by BBC that had published an article about postcards from Timbuktu.

Terrible parcels for your enemies

Have a grudge against someone and need revenge? There are businesses out there that can do it for you namelessly and not in a very destructive manner for the person in question.

They simply mail some unpleasant stuff to the person you hate, for example, glitter, a pack of soil, a sack of sticky dicks, and even horse crap (literary) slyly incorporated into a postcard.

These new businesses make money by taking advantage of one of the strongest emotions a person can experience and helping people let off steam by masterminding somewhat harmless revenge on their enemies. Well, nothing makes people need to leave behind their money so readily, like love and hatred.

Abnormal messages

Add something bizarre to a typical service, and you will have people’s attention as they start speaking and expounding on your business because of its fun and out-of- the-container concept.

A genuine example here could be an organization that sends custom messages on potatoes. This service is an alternative to postcards your friends definitely don’t expect to get. So, customers readily pay to surprise message recipients and give them some snickers.

Help people overcome their addictions and unfortunate propensities: The easiest method to overcome addictions is to replace them with less hurtful alternatives. The NoPhone phone was created for this exact purpose. It is a technology-free alternative to a smartphone.

Truth be told, it is basically a piece of plastic that resembles a smartphone. This fake phone is designed to help those who are addicted to real phones. The NoPhone received an honor as one of the top 10 useless items in 2015. NoPhone LLC.

Even sells NoPhone Air, which is nothing other than an empty phone bundling with just air inside. Such a weird business couldn’t go unnoticed by some significant media outlets. Besides their online store, the organization additionally sells NoPhones on Amazon, and apparently, people purchase their items.

Selling Something you Have Plenty of to Someone Who Lacks It.

It’s anything but a secret that people get attracted to exotic and rare things. Relatively few of us realize that trees, flowers, organic products, creatures that we encounter every day might be exotic for someone living in a removed place.

Also, in the event that it is exotic, it is deemed attractive and accordingly can be sold. Here is a couple of businesses that succeeded in selling stuff that is standard in their places to buyers who have no access to such things.

Selling canned air: Vitality Air, a Canadian organization, launched its sales of bottled Rocky Mountains air as a joke that turned into a profitable business when people in China started getting it.

When taking a gander at pictures of exhaust cloud covered Beijing, I don’t wonder why pure air would be in demand in China. Even with the price of $20+ per can, the market seems to be huge. Imperativeness Air’s official says their Chinese websites keep slamming because Chinese people can’t get enough of pure air.

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