Time Switch: An Essential for Modern Homes

Time Switch: An Essential for Modern Homes

Too busy that you don’t have the time to manage your household? Want your day to move smoothly without much hassle? Fret not, time switch is here for you!

What is a Time Switch?

A time switch, also called a timer or timer control, is a mechanism that controls exactly when to operate an appliance or lighting system. This device can be used for numerous household applications and ranges from basic outlet timers to sophisticated digital ones.

To maximize the way and when the switch uses energy you can either:

  • Create a specific schedule according to your desire, for example, your family’s daily morning routine. 
  • Set a fixed time for the timer to be active in a certain amount of time (from minutes to hours) after it is switched on. 

Time switches are effective in removing low, but frequent, energy wastage events before they get out of control. A developed time switch often encourages homeowners to practice flexible schedules while allowing their lighting systems and appliances to be in optimum use. 

Why Time Switches are Good for Your Home

1) Live Efficiently 

Once a time switch is mounted in your house, you don’t have to worry whether you have turned off the lights in one of the rooms, or turning on the coffee machine before you go to work. Especially if you’re known to be a forgetful person, you’ll find this device to be extremely handy as your schedule of the days have already been laid out and run by the time switch. 

Don’t worry if you accidentally drift off to sleep without turning off the lights in your room, the switch time will get you covered on that. Not only will you save energy, your electrical bill will cost less in just a few months.

When the clock hits the specific time that you have set when you first applied the time switch, all of the appliances will automatically be turned off when you know you’ll stop using it. This will help you to focus on more important matters throughout your day. 

In winter, your home will be darker much earlier than any other seasons. By having a time switch, it will help you to turn on the lights at an appropriate time rather than you having to rush home from work. Just simply change the time setting for when the sun is setting according to the current season that you are in. 

2) Secure Your Home

Have you ever turned on the lights at home when you’re away for a holiday? People often tell you to leave them on to avoid any burglary from ever happening as they would assume that there are people in the house. While it is a clever idea, this trick has been so widely shared that even intruders are taking it as an invite for them to break in.

Time switches can secure your home by just simply connecting your indoor and outdoor lighting to them. They will be turned on and off automatically with the usual time that you would have them to. Connect them to other places and areas such as the porch, the doorways and the common rooms. It will look as if your home is being occupied. 

3) Easily Control Your Appliances 

Time switches are perfect for people that are always unintentionally leaving the lights on when it is not required. Especially when you have children, you tend to forget certain things and this is one of them. These programmed switches will manage the operation of the lights which then leads to optimised usage of the device. 

This includes air conditioner as well – one of the most energy consuming home appliances. When it gets too cold in the middle of the night, we will have to get up and turn it off to avoid freezing. However, as the room begins to warm up again, you have to wake up again to turn it on. Time switches come in handy in this type of situation since you can sleep through the night without getting up every few hours to meddle with the temperature of the room. You’ll be surprised how your sleep will be tremendously improved just by installing this device. 


Time switches can be a handy tool for homeowners that are in dire need of help in terms of energy. Perhaps it may cost quite a bit when you first install it in your household, but it is one of the best investments that one can make in the long run. 

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