Top Wedding Planning Tips

Top Wedding Planning Tips

Set a realistic budget.

Never exceed your wedding budget. List down every detail to make sure that you are on the right track. Are you thinking of wearing that beautiful gown from a bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur? Check first if you can afford it. Apart from that, you need to set aside money for beauty expenses, dress alterations and more.

Don’t settle for long-distance venues.

Don’t stay too far from where you presently live. You may not like the overall vibe of the place, but if this is where majority of your guests live, then choose a venue around the area. You wouldn’t want your guests to be late because of the traffic and delayed flights.

Book the best photographer possible.

Each time you want to cherish your wedding memories, all you need to do is scan your wedding album. This is the reason why you must never underestimate the importance of hiring an experienced photographer. Look for someone who completely understands what you really want.

Plan your guest list wisely.

Sort your wedding guest list early. Once you know how many guests you want to invite, that is the perfect time to start looking for a wedding venue. Most likely, cost per head will be the largest expense.

Make sure that you have backup plans.

Of course, you want your wedding to be special and perfect. But, no matter how much you plan, things might really go wrong. See to it that there are alternatives for every scenario.

Ask help from family and friends.

Brides are not superheroes. Aside from your wedding planner’s assistance, you will need the help of your family members and friends. Who are the people you truly trust? If possible, assign them tasks during your wedding day.

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