Why Are Teens Attracted To Gambling?

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Why Are Teens Attracted To Gambling?

The answer to that question is quite easy. However, what’s not is smacking some sense into their heads that there are reasons why they should not be gambling at their age. Of course gambling can be good as they can be used as a source of entertainment and stress-reliever, but this should not apply to teenagers. Those from the age of 13 to 17 should not be thinking to gamble as they are still minors. The law clearly stated that the legal age for gambling in the majority of the countries to be 18 years old. The parents should check in with their teenagers’ children so that they will not be doing this behind their backs and getting in trouble. They are still at the phase where they should be focusing on schoolwork and figuring out their interests or future career. 

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However, a lot of them can be seen to be very interested with the idea of gambling. Let’s move on with the reasons why this happens.

Influence From The Advertisements

Some videos and games online have these advertisements which you have to wait until they end or the skip button to appear. You can see so many varieties of products being advertised, and this happens to the teenagers too. Advertisements from the casinos or casino malaysia online can be a little bit too attractive due to the competitive side of the industry. More and more ads about gambling can be seen online as this is a good marketing strategy to attract their customers. Good for them that it works, but it became a concern when the teens found them to be interesting. And it wouldn’t help that the same ads keep appearing when they are watching videos online. They can simply click on the link from the ads to be on the homepage of the online gambling platform.

Trying New Things Is Fun

It is not a surprise that teenagers love new things. For them, trying new things is simply in their blood and their curiosity simply overwhelms the rational thinking that they are not allowed to do some things, like gambling. However, these rule breakers find it fun to still try and some even think that they look cool when they try these illegal activities. In a sense, you can say that gambling can be said to be quite the same with smoking. They know it’s bad for their health, but are too curious about how it feels to do that. Some love having the image of those bad boys that the high school girls found to be attractive. Doesn’t seem smart but we have all been in that phase to deny that we did some stupid things while we are teenagers, and that’s just how it is.

The Influence of Family Members

Since they are a minor and are not allowed to gamble, it could be surprising how they would get introduced to what gambling is and how it works. Some teenagers could have parents or older siblings that love gambling. Hence, it will definitely pique their interest and ask them what’s so fun about doing that. Some of them even use the accounts of their family members to access online gambling applications. It will only help to make them more interested to get the hang of it and gamble more. 

Final Words

With how curious the teenagers can be, parents at home should be alert to what they do in their free time so that they will not be involved in illegal betting. The teachers should also advise their students about gambling and why they should not try that until they are of age. Or else, curiosity killed the cats and that is a fact, unfortunately.

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