Why Pedicure is a Must for Men

Why Pedicure is a Must for Men


It’s sunny season again, it means that you should ready your sandals and also your toes for those dirt on the ground There may be enough fear of beach front embarrassment to inspire you to give your feet a spring refresher, but the benefits of regular care for your digits go beyond the superficial. We turned to celebrity manicurist, member of the Natural Body Club, and all-around men’s hand and foot care guru Natasha Ray to hear a little more about the pros of daily pedicures.

Aside from supplements for men, there are all-natural foot soaks, foot scrubs, and moisturizers designed for men, a mani-pedi is not just about luxury and relaxation— it’s about health benefits. She’s on a mission to change the way men neglect proper care and maintain the most hard-working parts of their bodies.

From ingrown and infection to calluses and bunions, there is a long list of diseases that can arise from unkempt toes, and yes – gross. Nevertheless, several people either hesitate to seek professional manicure and pedicure services or, in the first place, actually never think about it. “There are some people who are obliged to get their hand and foot groomed,” Ray says. “To keep up with maintenance every month on their hands and feet, men must look for a suitable salon.”

Find a local beauty shop that provides special treatments for your hands and feet and schedule a monthly date to get a handle on your own hand and foot care. It’s not just going to help you look and feel better, it’s going to give you a little quiet time each month for R&R. Find a Hammer & Nails near you and try one of Ray’s five all-natural foot scrubs that are exclusive to the salon at the moment.

Don’t stop at a monthly visit to the grooming shop for really new, clean hands and feet.

To maximize the benefits of proper care, Ray advises implementing a normal in-home routine:

  • Wash with mild soap, particularly underneath and between toes everyday, all areas of your foot carefully.
  • Exfoliate with an abrasive exfoliate or pumice stone some calloused patches on the soles of your feet.
  • Pat, to dry them, instead of rubbing your feet. Make sure any signs of moisture between the toes are covered. Any moisture left on your feet can give rise to odor or encourage bacteria and fungi that cause disease to develop.
  • Carefully polish the toenails below.
  • Use a hydrating foot cream after washing and drying to keep your feet smooth and moisturized.
  • Using clippers of the hair, rarely scissors.
  • To avoid unequal weight distribution, pain, callous, and other related issues, wear a properly fitted feet.

So please listen to this expert advice and give a little love to your hands and feet this spring and beyond. Don’t just do it for all the poor saps that will be staring at your feet throughout the season, do it for yourself. We guarantee you’re going to feel so much better.

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